The Slavic Christian Society was founded by a group of Toronto-area Slavic laypersons and clergy, orthodox and catholic, following the celebration of the 11th centenary of the evangelizing work of Saints Cyril and Methodius, at Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Polish church in Mississauga, in 1985.

According to the constitution of the Society, its purpose and mission is:

  1. To promote religious, cultural and social heritage of Slavs.
  2. To research history of Slavs and to publish and disseminate information about Slavs through media, festivals and meetings.
  3. To promote religious and social unity of Slavs in the spirit of the Christian Gospel, the Creed of the Nicea-Constantinople, filial veneration of Mary, the Mother of God, Slavorum Apostoli, and Laborem Exercens (the social teaching of the Church).
  4. To research and promote the Old Slavonic language.
  5. To collaborate with universities and other educational institutions in the conduct of Slavic studies.
  6. To foster within Canada and international (outside Canada) contacts amongst Slavs.